Work With Powerfull High Rank Ahovei Spirit

Work With Ahovei Spirit

I have recently discovered a very strong new spirit. It provides wisdom, self-control, power, knowledge of the powers of mind and soul, and others. This spirit can never be evoked through circles and other angelic methods. Because it will not help you with anything. This spirit is neutral. Calling through circles or angelic constraints attracts self-destruction and disaster and will not fulfill your wishes / demands. Do not give it orders, just forward your wish / requirements. Treat this spirit with extreme respect.
Method for working with this powerfull spirit:
* Draw or print Ahoveiseal/sigil on a sheet (her seal/sigil is attached to the end of this page).

* You can optionally use an orange candle or/and a incense stick - preferably a incense stick that incites sexual appetite.

* Now vibrate (or chant (in your mind or with your voice) AA --- HHH --- OOO --- VVV --- EEE --- III (letters need to vibrate from the bottom of your neck) 2, 4 or 9 times while concentrating on Ahovei seal/sigil - you find her seal at the end of this page.

Now, after evoking, you need to feed the spirit with energy. This is necessary to ensure the relationship between you two, Ahovei often refuses to assist you if you do not feed it with sexual energy, this ensures that he / she will fulfill your requirements / wish. Ahovei adores sexual / orgasmic energy and hates chaotic energies (blood sacrifices in torture, torture, anxiety, fear, etc.). All you have to do is masturbate to orgasm, imagine a beautiful and redheaded woman (you can imagine having sex with her), and when you orgasm you focus on her seal and imagine it sphere of energy as it enters in Ahovei. Now say twice, preferably four times: "I donate all of this energy to Ahovei, to use it as he wishes." You can also vibrate AAA-HHH-OOO-VVV-EEE-III (in mind or chant with your voice) while masturbating -before orgasm.

From my experience, this spirit can also help you live a whole life if you establish a strong relationship with her.

*I attach an image at the end, as you must imagine, at the time of "energy donation".

Now that you have established the connection, you will tell Ahovei your requirement / desire:

* Provides psychological strength, courage, wisdom/wise.
*Provides knowledge and understanding of magic and occultism
* Provides knowledge and understanding of the powers of the mind and how it works.
*Incites chaos, ruin and disaster over people in power and leadership.

*You can give your sexual energy to Ahovei frequently. It has to be frequently feed with sexual energy. This ensures the connection between you and Ahovei and guarantees the success of your requirements / desire.
Seal and sigil of Ahovei:

Example of energy donation:

(it's just a suggestion, Ahovei is much more beautiful)
More informations about Ahovei:
Ahovei loves sex and sex games of any kind. She is extremely friendly to people, loves to have sex while she is assisting you (astral). It leaves you with an electrifying feeling of sexual / Kundalinic energy. He likes to dominate. I witnessed a simulation of raising my Kundalini Serpent (gaining enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge) with the help of Ahovei. This has told me that it is only formed of sexual energy/Kundalinic energy. The orgasmic energy can be associated with vitality. Ahovei is a neutral spirit.
The appearance of Ahovei:
Ahovei often appears tall, over 2m in width, has long red hair and big beautiful tits, is extremely beautiful and sensual. The first time I saw her, I was hit by an unimaginable sexual desire. He loves sexual games and has anything to do with sexuality. Appears in an orange dress, sometimes appears empty. It can take any other face, you can see the seal on both breasts at astral sex time.

Images with Ahovei Altar:

Alternative images with Ahovei:

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